Struggling? Feeling stuck? 

Here it is...
Your excuse to becoming as jacked, shredded, and swole as you've ever wanted to be...without the heavy anchor of unsupportive friends and family dragging you down, or spewing a verbal diarrhea of negativity behind your back.
Time to show them naysayers whose boss 'round these parts...
From the dripping-in-sweat, chalk-covered hands of Alex “Meathead” Mullan
New York City, New York
The lobby floor of Bev's gym
May 31, 2017
4:47pm (post-legs workout, with a major quad pump)
Fellow Meathead:
Gimmie a minute to get raw and real with you here:

Currently I'm prepping to step on stage at a National Bodybuilding show, and sometimes even I find myself rolling over in bed, quietly asking myself…
“Is this really worth it?”

Truth be told, at times it can get pretty lonely out there in the cold, cold world of gym-land. 
Now you may not have eyes on ever competing or be in “#prepmode” right now, but there's a good chance you can relate to this gut-sickening feeling all too well…
Often there are days where my mind begins to wander and I begin to question whether there’s any point to sticking to the master plan at all…
The meticulously-crafted diets, the long, slow cardio days, the mind-over-matter gym sessions… and the ongoing debate as to whether I should just take tomorrow off and stay in bed to watch Billions.
(I still get up and go, of course.)
And I always feel much better afterwards.
But still:
My friend, going about it all by your lonesome is a choice you've made.
It doesn't have to be so.

This is why I, a coach myself, have a coach.

This is why I befriend fellow competitors.

This is why I hang out with people who lift. People who *get* the importance of training and living a healthy lifestyle.

Because having a group of supportive, understanding people who have your back makes all the difference in the world.

The people who share your vision, and will support you on your mission for a physique that causes you to swell with pride each time you look in the mirror are out there waiting for you.

You just have to know where to look, and be willing to find them.
But first: who the bloody hell is Meathead Mullan?
Very, very quickly (and not-so-humbly):

- I'm a guy who helps men pull fat off their bellies, revealing their abs beneath.

- I'm a dude who helps men add weight to the barbell week after week, busting through strength plateaus.

- I'm an unapologetic meathead who goes out of his way to to help men build muscle in all the right areas, and present a symmetrical, masterful physique.

- I'm a fellow man who helps other guys pull their balls out of their girlfriend's Louis Vuitton purses, and start living life on their terms.

- I'm someone who helps other men escape their personal pits of darkness created by their own lack of inner confidence.

In the process, I’ve been called King Qwuads, a "muscle-building sadist", and a bunch of salty names because of the brutal (but effective) training programs I administer to my clients.

A harsh assessment of perfectly reasonable workouts (in my opinion), but I'll take it.

And despite all the names...
I’m still one of the best damn hypertrophy coaches in the muscle-building game.
Now that you know who I am and what I'm capable of, I ask you:
Surely, you must be sick of playing this muscle-building game all alone?

Surely, you're tired of cycling through the same stack of weathered, old programs, seeing fewer results each time around?

Surely, you're fed to the teeth with the feeling of "settling" for, god forbid, average results and an average physique?

Surely, you've found yourself asking...
Are your muscle-building efforts really worth the struggle?
Because there are rough periods when you hit real walls.
Times when you’re feeling exhausted all the time.
When the gains just aren’t coming, no matter what shiny training technique or "magic" supplement you decide to try.
And on those days when the fat just won’t seem to come off, despite the fact that you’re sticking meticulously to your plan day after day, hoping for a fat loss miracle (or just a damn burger)…
That tiny voice of society and reason creeps back into your ear… asking:
“Is this really all worth it?”
This same voice unmasks itself when you have yet another directionless, go-nowhere workout.
Or when you start feeling that your workouts are a time of drudgery, instead of being a privilege, a blessing.
Or when the mere thought of hitting the gym conjures up feelings of boredom, instead of opportunity.
That little voice inside your head is the voice of every friend whom you’ve turned down for a night out (and hit up the squat rack instead)… it’s the voice of your parents who constantly fret over your “gym obsession”… it’s the family friends who think they know better by making snarky comments about your eating habits… and all the time you’ve basically “wasted” when you could’ve been doing other things…
And of course, all the girlfriends who love your muscles, but who hate that you spend so much time away from her to achieve ‘em (ah, relationships ARE a harsh mistress)…
“Is it worth it…?” they ask incessantly.
And then there’s the voice of me, Captain Quads, aka Meathead Mullan, shouting firmly in your other ear:
“Fucking rights, this is worth it!”
So it's worth asking you: when the chips are down and your shirt is torn off, who do you want fighting beside you?
You want a veteran of the iron jungle by your side.
From the floor I'm currently laying on trying to get some life back into my legs, here’s how I see it:
The fact that you’ve clicked this page today tells me you’re a smart guy.
Smart, AND dedicated.
I say all this because you're travelling right alongside me on the same self-improvement journey we call life.

Because you've already got the hard-earned gains to prove it.
You’ve probably got all the ebooks and fitness articles, training programs and maybe even sports science textbooks (and journal articles if you’re a real muscle nerd like me) piled right up to your eyeballs by now.

And, like me, if you’re multiple years deep in the “iron game”, then you’ve likely already created some of your own pretty incredible before-and-after transformations off the back of your own blood, sweat, and tears.
(Honestly, at this point you’ve likely forgotten more lifting knowledge in the last month than the average Planet Fitness-goer or P90X-attemptee has ever learned in their life.)
Gains, cuts, recomps and feats of strength that you should actually be really proud of, dude. (Few will talk about this.)
For that, you deserve some credit, amigo.
And that’s no small honour.
And if consider how tiny a fraction of the general population ever manages to set foot in a gym in their entire lifetime – let alone keep at it consistently for month on month and year on year?

No. I’d wager less than 1% ever stick to anything in their life, and fully see it through to the bitter end.
And yet fewer still ever get to experience the sweet, sweet satisfaction that comes from flexing those glistening gains in the bathroom mirror.
That's why I’m all about giving props to my fellow iron warriors.
That's why I'll be the first to stand up and say...
Welcome to the Anabolic Terrordome, baby.
Because how many other people in your real-life friend group would even care that you absolutely KILLED your workout yesterday?
How many people do you know personally who would care that you smashed a new PR yesterday (a PR you’ve been chasing for months)?
And who else in your life cares that you dieted your way to single-digit bodyfat for the first or second time EVER?
Because if you’re like most other hardcore gym rats I talk to, the brutally cold answer is: hardly anyone else cares about your successes but you.
To step it up to the next level in summiting your aesthetic goals, you need to start surrounding yourself with other people who do give a fuck.

You need to start finding other people who just get it:
 • People who’ll get it when you tell them about your unholy, skin-splitting arm pump…

 • People who’ll get that visceral sensation of leaving the gym in a puddle of sweaty mess and having absolutely nothing left in the tank…

 • People who’ll get your struggle of walking after leg day (the kind where you thank the Gym Gods for installing handrails on staircases)…

 • People who’ll get the muted joy you feel when you finally start seeing your abs “pop” in the mirror…

 • People who’ll get your glorious “cheat meal high” (and won’t judge you for it)…

These are your kind of people…
Introducing: Mullan’s Meatheads

A muscle-building, fat-banishing community built in your image.
Nowhere before on Earth has a shrine to getting lean, ripped, and hyooge been erected so thoroughly… where likeminded “meatheaded” individuals can gather around, talk shop and pump each other up.
Mullan's Meatheads is a place for spreading the gym love when you’re feeling on top of the world – and also for getting that emotional support (or disciplined kick in the ass) for when you feel like you’re about to skip a workout and go eat a pizza instead.
We could talk about the poor lighting in John P's "before," or we could talk about how damn impressive his biceps and quads are.
Brandon L has become what I like to call: jacked, shredded, and tanned.
Mark C made no excuses, pulled no punches, and has got the cuts to prove it.
Once you're inside Mullan's Meatheads, you'll have instant access to:
  •  Your own private Facebook group -- exclusively for members of Mullan's Meatheads.
  •  Achieve supplement supremacy -- a comprehensive guide to supplements, including exactlywhat I use and where I get it from. Believe me: I don't waste my hard-earned cash on supps that don't work, and neither will you.
  •  Destroy your cardio confusion -- the one and only cardio guide you'll ever need. Explaining exactly when to use what type, and for how long.
  •  The ever-growing MASSthetics video exercise library. Exercise execution is important, and these videos will show you exactly how to perform the movements you'll find in the monthly program.
  •  Optimal eating for maximum impact -- the ultimate guide to determining how much you should be eating depending on your goal, and your starting point.
  •  Answers to your most burning questions -- every two weeks the group gets on a live Q&A call where I'll address anything that your hungry, meatheaded heart desires...
As we speak right now, all the above is available to you at a limited-time "meathead discount."
In honour of finally launching this "Anabolic Terrordome" as a gathering place for you and your brothers-in-swole to hang out and drink protein shakes together, I'm celebrating by offering a discounted monthly rate for as long as you wish to be a member of Mullan's Meatheads.

Be warned: this offer is only available through midnight PST on Sunday, and then the price will jump up to where it shall remain forever more.

Consider this your one chance to grab an all-access to a national-level bodybuilder as he moves up the ranks, a crew of fellow meatheads who understand your pains and frustration, and share in your joy as you celebrate ridiculous cheat meals, bicep veins, and leg days so vicious you can't help but laugh.

BUT, I want to be very clear here:

Mullan’s Meatheads is essentially a 4 month training platform that you commit to upon joining. 

You’ll be billed each month for 4 months, whereupon it will continue for as long as you wish to remain a part of our unruly crew. 

You can leave anytime you wish after the first 4 months -- no hard feelings, no questions asked.
Here’s why I'm asking for your commitment: 

First and foremost, tissue takes time. Whether it’s fat loss or muscle gain you’re after, it’s going to take at least 4 months to get to where you want to be, no matter what you do. 

So, why not bite the bullet and follow the guidance of a meathead who knows how to get results for others?
Call it a gut feeling...
Malcolm Gladwell, in his bestselling book, Blink, theorized that we make decisions in the blink of an eye. 

Long, drawn out trains of thought are useful, but ultimately it's our gut that helps us make some of the most important choices in our life.

That being said...

If what I've talked about here is of interest to you, or if I've been battling through the same struggles and frustrations that you've had, or if you've ever felt that fire in your belly when you've thrown a bar on your back with a weight that strikes a little fear into your soul, then Mullan's Meatheads is the community built for you.

I look forward to hearing your story when you post about it in the group.

It's time.

Jump in below to re-energize your muscle-building efforts and join forces with your fellow ass-kicking Meatheads. 
Hailing from the great land of Canadia, Erik A's smile says it all.
The time has come for you to get away from your bad habits, negative self-talk, and useless training information.
 • You become who you surround yourself with

Mullan’s Meatheads is not for newbies. You must have already paid your “gym dues” to be allowed access.

Because too many other programs and Facebook groups are aimed at bottom of the barrel, beginner-level “never picked up a dumbbell” fitness newbies who will slow your roll and drag you down by virtue of boring the ever-living shit out of you with never-ending dumbass questions.
Now, I’m not saying questions or learning is bad (quite the contrary actually) – BUT you need people who are at your level (and above) in order to continue achieving your goals.
We are those people.
 • It’s about much, much more than your training program

You’re a disciplined motherfucker, and that’s what I like about you.
Believe me, it’s hard to go wrong with voracious study and persistent execution. I have no doubt you will eventually figure it out. You’ll get there in the end, even if it takes you a bit longer than others. 
But here’s the thing: If another article, or new training style, or “breakthrough” programming regimen could’ve fixed whatever it is that’s getting you stuck right now… you’d have already fixed it yourself and broken through by now.
This means there’s more to it than your ever-growing stack of training programs.
Mullan’s Meatheads can help you conquer your issues which are bigger than the simple stuff you’ll find in the many free ebooks and revolutionary new programs with names like “Method” and “System” in the title.
You’ll get plenty of muscle-building insights and lists of exercises to bust your body into growing again, but just know that these are icing on the cake. It’s time to go deeper…

 • Because you've been going about it alone for far too long

Many of us consider being able to do our own programming one of those key indicators that you’ve “made it” as a strength or physique athlete.
I mean, trying to teach yourself how to create effective routines is no small feat. Certainly nothing any Joe or Jane off the street could accomplish.
The dirty flip-side to this belief though, is that we are above asking for help when we need it.
We’ll often drive harder and spin our wheels faster, locked in place, than admit we need a second set of eyes to help guide us out of the tar pit of lost gains…
I’m all for “DIY programs”, but there’s a time and a place. And if you feel like you’ve been running in circles lately, now is the time to make a change, and I’m giving you the place…
 • Mullan's Meatheads is your ticket to the newest age of cutting-edge "social media"

As you can see from my training vids on my blog and selfies on Instagram, I’m a pretty big fan of social media and what it has to offer.
No time before now has there been the ability to show off your huge leg gains so easily.
But when does social media begin to hinder your progress instead of help it?
Sure, social media and public forums can be a good outlet for some people – sharing the lifting love and connecting with fellow gym-goers.
But too often, your level of “connection” in this over-connected world can get spread way too thin.

You may have a hundred followers or a thousand (or maybe only a couple dozen)... but how many of those people would actually consider you a real friend?
The world is quickly turning away from mass-connected online spaces in favour of private communities, hidden from the outside world.
The Internet is returning to the ways of the Elks, the Masons, and the Knights of Columbus: high-quality, closely-bound groups of people sharing a common interest and holding high standards for entry.
Because if everyone’s special, then no one is special.
 • This is why you want a fearless leader who's been in your shoes

I’ll level with you: there’s a lot of “fitness coaches” out there.
Even if you exclude the ones who teach anything to anybody with a pulse and a wallet (because damn sure there’s a lot of those), you’re still talking a good handful of strength & conditioning coaches who confidently know their way around a barbell.
That’s where I’m different.
You see, there’s a “generation gap” when it comes to guys like us going after aesthetic goals and getting really damn strong.
It’s hard to relate to that burning “fire in the belly” of young dudes if you’re decades removed from that game already.
Instead, I’ve been where you are – first stick-thin and weak (or maybe you were chubby, same difference) – to getting my first arm pump and some minor muscle definition – to really going all out and committing a huge chunk of my life to being under the bar and getting seriously killer results.
AND I’m still walking this path – the same one you’re on right now – and I can speak your “language” to get you exactly to where you need to go.
From belly to beast. Bretton G has built an impressive physique.
After just 6 weeks of work, the fat is literally melting off of Charles M.
Mullan's Meatheads:
A place to stroke the ego of your “Inner Meathead”
A place solely dedicated to pursuit of aesthetic perfection and ungodly strength gains, with no judgement or swole-hate allowed.

You're free of the distractions, the burdens, and the constant friction you feel from fighting against every other person else in your life who’s forever trying to slow you down. None of that shit here - this is truly the fast lane to the aesthetically-attractive good life.

Mullan's Meatheads is that place.
It’s a place to share your victories – from the REALLY BIG ones to the really small (but truly significant) ones… the kind of victories that other people (your normie non-gym-goer friends) just wouldn’t understand or care about if you told them.
This is a place where swole-shaming isn’t just discouraged, it’s actively punishable by death (or by getting swiftly booted out of the group, whichever is more practical to execute on at the time.)
So whether you’re gunning for strength, size, dat V-taper, your own huge set of wheels, a new squat PR or just training to look like a fuckin’ beast… you’re definitely in the right place.
We get you.

Come inside:
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